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MEDIUM GARDENS we have done

        (100m² - 200m²)

The secluded seating area

This established garden at the Northern end of Gosforth, Newcastle had become somewhat overgrown and no longer met the needs of the current owner. The client wanted the garden to be much more open and have enough space to entertain. The existing peculiar shaped patio (with 2 further patios underneath!) was enlarged and re-shaped with natural sandstone. This now leads onto a large circular lawn. A brick path linking the patio to the rest of the garden skirts the lawn and leads to a secluded seating area.

The Sanctuary in the City

This garden lies in the heart of Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. The area for redesign was the bottom third of a large garden that was seriously overgrown and contained a dilapidated 1960’s garden room. The owners were looking for an area where they were able to relax and chill out either on their own or with friends. They also wanted to incorporate a functional area for a potting shed and composting.
A central theme of interconnected circles was incorporated for its calming effect which was combined with a quality octagonal summerhouse ; A discrete copper Maple leaf water feature along with mood lighting further adding to the tranquillity of the space. The whole area has been surrounded with planting which will eventually create a real sense of enclosure and seclusion without being claustrophobic. Many of the plants were chosen for their scent adding a further dimension to the calming nature of the space.

A Garden of Curves

This garden is in Great Lumley County Durham and was effectively no more than the building site left over from the construction of the house. The garden narrowed substantially from right to left creating a wedge-shape. The client wanted a garden that had several utilisable areas with substantial areas for planting. The client also preferred curves to lines.
The design required careful thought on how to link the garden entrance with the flow through the garden whilst accommodating access from the 2 sets of patio doors and the narrowing aspect. A clutch of 3 circular sandstone patios, including one raised, was use for the main entertaining areas. The flow through the garden was achieved using cobbles in a series of semi-circles. The main planting area took the form of a raised stone bed that wrapped around the main sandstone circle. Subsidiary planting areas were incorporated into the semi-circular themed path and to the rear of the raised patio.

Interlocking Shapes

This Durham garden had been partially landscaped sometime ago but was in need of a total revamp. The owner wanted different areas for relaxation (including a hammock!) as well as an area for entertaining up to 10 guests.
Taking my cue from the patio doors on the conservatory the layout of the design was at an eye catching 45 degrees to the main house. This allowed for a large “W-shaped” patio area to be constructed near the house without it taking up too much of the garden. To this interesting shape a series of interconnected brick-edged oblongs and squares was added to create a lawn, gravel garden, water feature and herb garden. The difficult area under the 2 mature trees was planted with woodland plants and provided an ideal place for the hammock!

The geometric design

This garden lies in Sunderland Bridge in the heart of the Durham countryside with views over the valley to Durham Cathedral. It was no more than a dumping ground for the spoil from the house renovation. The owners had some very specific design criteria. Sympathetic to setting, should be a gardener’s garden but not prissy, sunny and shady sitting areas, accommodate garden art.
The square plot lent itself to an octagonal themed design. The lawn being a brick edged octagon and the sunny patio, which was placed to maximise the views to Durham, being a ¼ octagon. The shady seating area is surrounded with scented plants and is reached by octagonal shaped cobble paths. The addition of a dry stone wall with large through stones for placing art was installed last of all.

The staged creation
of a new garden from scratch

This garden in County Durham is in an exposed site in the countryside and was completely wild. The owner wanted it completely redesigned and to be low maintenance.
The project was of a significant size so in order for it to be affordable the work was undertaken in stages. The patio has been located in the sunniest part of the garden and has been surrounded by terraced shrub borders that will provide protection from the prevailing wind once established. A high proportion of the shrubs are evergreen to add winter interest and many of them closet to the patio are scented to add further interest. A sunken seating area was designed into a shady part of the garden to add a further dimension.

The full redesign of a modern estate garden

This back garden lies in the heart of a modern established estate in Langley Moor, County Durham and is north facing. The owner loves gardening and wanted a garden with plenty of space for plants and a flat area of grass for the grandchildren to play on.
The sloping site required a design that incorporated terracing and to add interest a number of levels of differing materials were introduced. The back of the garden is sunniest so this is where the lawn and seating areas were located with access provided via steps and paths through the various levels. To add height to the garden a curving pergola was built over the curving path.

The Contemporary Garden

This is a large rear garden of a new build property in Great Lumley, County Durham. The brief from the client was simple, to create a beautiful easy maintenance garden with a contemporary feel in keeping with the style of the property. The plot was an unusual shape and sloped away to the far corner. To add interest the main layout of the garden was set at 45 degrees to the house. This allowed for 2 different seating areas for different times of the day. The one at the rear was constructed slightly lower and was flanked by 2 raised planting areas to give it a more secluded feel than the main entertaining area. The raised planters were constructed of stone to match the house and were shaped to mirror the shape of the garden.


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