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Project: A Garden of Curves

This garden is in Great Lumley County Durham and was effectively no more than the building site left over from the construction of the house. The garden narrowed substantially from right to left creating a wedge-shape. The client wanted a garden that had several utilisable areas with substantial areas for planting. The client also preferred curves to lines.

The design required careful thought on how to link the garden entrance with the flow through the garden whilst accommodating access from the 2 sets of patio doors and the narrowing aspect. A clutch of 3 circular sandstone patios, including one raised, was use for the main entertaining areas. The flow through the garden was achieved using cobbles in a series of semi-circles. The main planting area took the form of a raised stone bed that wrapped around the main sandstone circle. Subsidiary planting areas were incorporated into the semi-circular themed path and to the rear of the raised patio.

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