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SMALL GARDENS we have done

        (Under 100m²)

The raised terrace

This garden in Bowburn, County Durham was landscaped some years ago but had succumbed to the ravages of the NE weather. The garden sloped up from the house by some 1.5m and the rear of the garden was the sunniest area! An octagonal theme was suggested with a raised octagonal mezzanine terrace as the main entertaining space. This made the garden feel more open and larger as it was now on 4 levels

The sunken garden

This garden located in Lanchester, County Durham was severely overgrown and consequently very gloomy. The existing patio had seen better days and was not in the right place to enjoy the majority of the sun. The clients wanted a more open garden with plenty of space for planting, somewhere to enjoy the sun and to incorporate a shed and greenhouse. The garden naturally fell away to the right so a circular sunken garden was suggested as a sitting area. The curves from this were then replicated for the paths to the greenhouse and shed. A curved dwarf stone wall was installed to deal with the slope and allow for a flat lawn area to the side of the greenhouse.

Small modern estate garden

This small rear garden on a modern development in Gilesgate , County Durham was completely overgrown and unused. The client wanted a low maintenance garden that had somewhere to sit, had a lawn and looked nice all year. A circular patio with an intersecting brick-edged circular lawn was suggested as the main feature. The rear of the patio was edged with a dwarf stone wall which doubled up as a seat. Lighting was installed into the paving to add a touch of drama to the garden. Evergreen planting through gravel added year round colour and easy maintenance.

The one week transformation

This garden was a totally virgin site in a new property in Wallsend, near Newcastle upon Tyne. The owner wanted a pretty but lowish maintenance garden, somewhere to sit and some grass.
Over the course of a week the garden was initially levelled then an edged curved lawn was laid. This was followed by the installation of a largish patio to the sunniest side for sitting and entertaining. Finally a mixed border was planted with a variety of suitable shrubs and grasses to keep the maintenance low but giving interest throughout the year. A gravel mulch on weed suppressant membrane was put around the plants which neatened the whole garden as well as reducing the maintenance still further.

The affordable redesign of a city back garden

This established garden in London was overgrown, uncoordinated and lacked structure and interest. The owner was so fed up with it that she didn’t really go into it anymore. The shrubs were getting out of hand and made the garden feel gloomy and claustrophobic.
Over the course of a few days the garden was transformed by pruning back the trees and shrubs properly to open up the garden, some existing plants were rearranged, some others discarded and more appropriate ones introduced. Definition was added by edging the lawn and creating a complimentary shaped path to the shed and a seating area to catch the morning sun was added.

The low maintenance front garden

This front garden is in a city location in Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and had been left to go to ruin by the previous occupants. The owner has a demanding job and wanted a virtually maintenance free but interesting garden to come home to.
An eye-catching design was implemented for the path and the plants chosen, whilst providing both leaf and flower colour, only require attention once a year! Coordinating gravel was chosen as a mulch which has been laid on a weed suppressing membrane.


Garden Designers, Newcastle Upon Tyne & County Durham, North East England

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