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Project: The Sanctuary in the City

This garden lies in the heart of Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne. The area for redesign was the bottom third of a large garden that was seriously overgrown and contained a dilapidated 1960’s garden room. The owners were looking for an area where they were able to relax and chill out either on their own or with friends. They also wanted to incorporate a functional area for a potting shed and composting.

A central theme of interconnected circles was incorporated for its calming effect which was combined with a quality octagonal summerhouse ; A discrete copper Maple leaf water feature along with mood lighting further adding to the tranquillity of the space. The whole area has been surrounded with planting which will eventually create a real sense of enclosure and seclusion without being claustrophobic. Many of the plants were chosen for their scent adding a further dimension to the calming nature of the space.

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