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Project: The Sloping Garden

This large rear and side garden in Biddick Woods, Sunderland consisted almost entirely of a lawn that sloped away to the rear right hand corner. The clients wanted a garden that had multiple areas for sitting, plenty of room for planting, an area for a greenhouse and vegetables and less grass! Using the height differential, a garden on 3 levels was suggested.

A patio area all the way along the rear of the property leads at one end via a curved brick path to a mezzanine level that has a summerhouse and water feature from which to enjoy the evening sun. From the other end of the patio a lower level brick fan breakfasting patio is accessed via a set of curving stone steps which then links up to the mezzanine level via an arbour covered path. The side of the house was utilised for a pair of raised beds and the potting shed/greenhouse.

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